Here are the steps to generate redeem coupons/codes for your title

1.  Log in to your account in Papertrell (

2. Click on "advanced tab"

3. Go to “Redeem Codes

4. Under “Choose a Shelf” drop down search for the desire shelf/storefront name

5. In the “Choose Title” search field search for title you wish to create coupons

6. Under “Custom batch name” text field , enter a batch name to create a batch of coupons/codes

7. Select

        a) “Single Use coupon” to create a coupon code which can be used only once

        b) “Multiple Use coupons” to create a one coupon code which can be used desired number of times

8. Select the number of coupons you wish to generate from “How many coupons drop down


Now click on Generate button, coupon codes are generated and are saved in the form of excel file