Multiple-use coupons are a single unique coupon code that can be used by a number of users. A Campaign that is set to use Multiuse coupons will generate only one coupon code and every user uses the same coupon code and gets the same reward. You can however specify maximum usage limits in quantity and also specify from and to validity dates. A multiple-use coupon is good for promoting a “limited offer,” in terms of time and availability, to a more general audience. For example: 

  • Distribute a Coupon code at an event which is a common and easy to remember. Limit the coupon redemptions to a maximum number of participants and valid only during the dates of the event.
  • A promotional Christmas Sale where all users to the storefront can get a discount by using a Coupon code. A common banner can advertise this code.

Single-use coupons, on the other hand, can only be used once by a single customer. Each coupon code that is generated will be a unique code and can be redeemed for a reward.

Generating a batch of single-use coupons limits the number of users and also ensures that the code is not shared publicly.

This can be used in a variety of ways like 

  • Promotional give aways, 
  • Review copies, 
  • eGalleys, 
  • gift certificates to reward specific users, 
  • bundling along with a physical product etc.