Templates are basically created to simplify the process of app creation when there are multiple titles with similar style involved.

Let's look at the steps for creating a new template:

1. Log in to your account in Papertrell (http://www.papertrell.com).

2. In the Dashboard section , Click on "ADD NEW TITLE".

3. Select the option "Create New/Import EPUB/Import DOC/Import PDF" > Choose any "Blank Templates/Sample Templates/My Templates". 

4. Storyboard page shown on creating the app> Add some common buttons . 

6. Go to Design section > Change header background , main background (if required). 

5. Click "Preview on Device" button.

6. Click on Dashboard link in the top navigation section.

7. In the Dashboard section, click on the App which was just created .

8. In Details page , click on "Add to My Templates" button to add to Templates.

Next Step:  Refer to "How to create app using My templates"