Here are the steps to add/edit the meta data of an epub title

1. Log in to your account in Papertrell (

2. Click on "advanced tab"

3. Go to import data and click on “Click here for sample excel file” link to download the sample excel file

Note: 1. the meta data file should be of same format as specified in sample excel file.

         2. To get the Papertrell BookID,ISBN

        · Go to advanced tab

        · Click on export data, under "select titles to retrieve title Details" search for epub titles you wish to add or edit details , then click on "export details" to download details into an excel file.


4. Open the sample excel file and fill in the meta data for all the epub titles you wish to add /edit and save the file either in onix or excel file format, You can delete the columns that is not necessary for you from the sample excel file

5. Now go to advanced tab and click on "import data"

6. Click on “Click here to select an Onix or Excel file” and upload the excel file , once the upload is complete click on "upload file" button

7. If the column name matches the uploaded excel columns it will automatically select the appropriate column name , if not click on "please select" drop down and select the appropriate column name

8. Now click on "import data" button to import the Meta data to an epub title.


Meta data of an epub title is added Succesfully!!