To create a new banner, go to Storefront and click open the relevant Storefront:

1. Click on Layout
2. Click on the "+" button on a row you wish to add the banner
3. Click open “Add banner" and then click on "Add new banner" to create your own banner.

4.  To add a foreground and background image to your banner , click on "Foreground image " and "Background image" button and upload the image
     Note: To add banner images to papertrell My Media click on “Upload
            ·  Under Select Category Drop down select the folder to which you wish to upload your image.
            ·  Now click on “Add file” Button and select the images you wish to upload.
            ·  Once the images are added, click on “Start Upload” to upload the images to your folder.

            ·  Click on " Done" to finish.

5. Now select the image your wish to add it to your banner and click on “Done”.
6. Click on Link to: drop-down menu and select the banner behaviour.
7. Click on "New Slide" to add a slide to the banner
8. Click on "Add" to add the banner or "Save for later

Click on Publish button to view the changes in your storefront/shelf