Teach Yourself Library (https://library.teachyourself.com/) distributes free resources for a range of Language Hacking and Get Talking books and also contains a wide range of  language learning titles for purchase.

Language Hacking Series Free Resources like Worksheet PDFs, Transcript PDFs and streaming Audio content is available at

  • Language Hacking French,
  • Language Hacking German,
  • Language Hacking Italian and
  • Language Hacking Spanish.

To download the Accompanying booklets of the Get Taking Series you can search for your specific title here


Audio can only be streamed online through the website and cannot be downloaded to your laptop for use on external devices. If you wish to download and carry the audio with you, we recommend that you download the Teach Yourself Library App from the iOS or Google Play stores.


To access your free content on the website, follow these steps:

  1. Either scroll through the homescreen to find your title or use the Search facility

  2. Go through to the product page. Press ‘Get’

  3. Sign up or sign in

  4. Press ‘Click here to listen to audio online’

  5. Stream audio and access PDFs