Once you’ve purchased or redeemed your book, you’ll receive instructions via your registered email address on how to download our reader app . 

The typical steps (this may vary slightly between storefronts) are :-

  1. When redeeming or purchasing a book you would need to create an account on the site. This registered email address will be your login account and all titles will be linked to this account.

  2. Download and Install the eReader App to your Mobile device. The links to download the App are in the email and in the left menu of the web storefront. Our eReader Apps support most popular mobile platforms and devices including iPhones, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets including 3rd party Android based tablets like the Kindle Fire tablet.

  3. Sign in within the app using your registered email id  

  4. Open the My Library Section, where all your eBooks, Audiobooks and Interactive titles are listed. The Library section can be opened by first tapping on the Menu () button on the top left corner.

  5. Download and Open the eBook. Audiobooks you can download individual tracks/chapters

To access the book which you have purchased or redeemed on Website :

1. Go the website and click on Sign in

 2. Sign in with your registered email address and password

3. Once you logged in successfully, click on "My Library"

4. All titles will be listed in the My Library section

5. Click on Title name to access the title